Geena + Craig Married | The Bohlin, Newport RI

Congratulations to Geena and Craig who had such a fun celebration at The Bohlin, featuring a palette of gorgeous greens, a splash of gold, lots of bold and bright coral florals to compliment, many many pineapples (including the one Craig crowd surfed with during the reception), a gorgeous floral covered arbor for the dockside ceremony, and one very fun dance party that kicked off the reception and continued all through the night! These two were so warm and kind and their family made us feel beyond welcome! My favorite moment? Hanging with these two just after they were pronounced husband and wife. They were so excited and looked right over at me and said “Cmon, bring it in for a hug!” It was the sweetest and I felt so appreciated all day by them and their amazing friends and family! What a great celebration!
Q- What was some of the inspiration behind your wedding?
A- There were a few inspirations behind the wedding. We wanted a wedding that was fun, whimsical, bright, and romantic. So the first inspirations was pineapples! We have always loved pineapples and their meaning of welcome and hospitality. Since we decided on Newport as our wedding location it seemed to fit perfect since the symbol of Newport is a Pineapple. Our moms loved the idea and we’re still getting pineapple gifts from them.
The other inspiration was the ocean. Instead of going in the nautical or traditional beach vibes our venue definitely caters towards, we wanted to do something a little different. We pulled from a color palette of greens, blues, and pinks and incorporated things like seaglass escort cards. Our florist Sayles Livingston Designs got exactly what we were going for and created beautiful seaglass centerpieces with fluffy bright floral arrangements that replicated the warm, whimsical feel we were going for.
Q- What detail did you love or treasure most?
A- The details we both treasured the most was incorporating our grandparents who have passed away in what we wore that day. Craig’s Best Man made the ties for the groomsmen and he sewed a piece of Craig’s grandfather’s tie into all of the ties. Craig and his sisters also had handcerchiefs from him. I included my grandfather’s dog tag and my other grandfather’s pendant on my bouquet.

My shoes were also my favorite part! I loved them so much because I was able to be comfortable while still having extra height. I didn’t think about my feet all night!
I also loved the bridesmaid dresses. I didn’t see them all together until the day of and I loved how all the shades of green looked together.
Q- What was your favorite part of the day?

A- This is a tough one to answer – there were so many! The ceremony was definitely our favorite part – which was unexpected since we were most looking forward to celebrating on the dance floor with our friends and family. Our officiant and close friend surprised us with such a beautiful and personal ceremony we didn’t want it to end. Our first kiss as newleyweds was so special – especially when a yacht decided to honk its horn! It was so exciting and all of our guests started cheering.

Geena – I also loved the end of the night. We listened to my sisters recommendation and played Shout followed by Piano Man as our two last songs. Shout got everyone on the dance floor and then during Piano Man everyone made circles around us and we were all swaying and singing – it was amazing!
Craig – At the end of the night we waited for all of our guests to leave to go on to the after party before we left. We stayed and just looked around at our wedding one more time together. Then took a pedi cab home.
Q- Was there anything you would change if you could?
A- We wouldn’t change a thing. It was even better than what we imagined!

Q- What advice do you have for our future bride’s and groom’s?
A- We have a few pieces of advice: 1. Stay true to yourselves. You get a lot of different opinions during the process and while it’s important to hear the opinions of your loved ones, you want the wedding to reflect both your personalities because the day is about you two. 2. It’s ok to get stressed out. But when you do remember what all this planning is about and laugh. Whenever I would get stressed Craig would always say to me “I don’t care what happens that day or who is there as long as you are.” He always reminded me what the day is actually about and would try to make me laugh. 3. Delete the weather app from your phone and don’t check it anywhere! You can’t control it so no need to stress. And 4. Everyone always says to take moments to look around the room to take in the wedding. To take in and enjoy that all the people you love are in one room to celebrate the two of you. Definitely do that! And enjoy it together. 5. EAT EVERYTHING! Craig and I were proud of ourselves because we ate every single type of food we had at our wedding. It was worth it!


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