Suesan and David | Regatta Place, Newport RI

Suesan and David’s Regatta Place wedding was full of unique touches and unconventional traditions! The two wanted a relaxed celebration dockside and thats exactly what guests got to experience. They ditched a formal seating chart, extended the cocktail hour, included their pup in their first look, encouraged friends and family to eat or dance when they wanted with a buffet of stations spread around the tent, invited their favorite ice cream joint to delight their guests, and cheered on as a bunch of their groomsman jumped in the harbor at the end of the evening! It was such a fun day!
newborn_0010 regatta-place-wedding_0004 regatta-place-wedding_0109 regatta-place-wedding_0001regatta-place-wedding_0005 regatta-place-wedding_0006Q- What detail did you love or treasure the most about your wedding?

A- A lot of our guests were visiting Newport for the first time and we wanted to set the tone of our wedding and our appreciation for celebrating with us, so we worked really hard on our welcome baskets to make them a bit over the top, but totally worth it!  We also wanted to give something memorable to our guests as a keepsake from their time in Newport, so we had custom Newport magnets made that they can hold onto– we had this idea because it’s something we always collect when we visit new places together. regatta-place-wedding_0007 regatta-place-wedding_0008 regatta-place-wedding_0009 regatta-place-wedding_0010 regatta-place-wedding_0011 regatta-place-wedding_0012 regatta-place-wedding_0013 regatta-place-wedding_0014 regatta-place-wedding_0108 regatta-place-wedding_0016 regatta-place-wedding_0107regatta-place-wedding_0017 regatta-place-wedding_0018 regatta-place-wedding_0019 regatta-place-wedding_0022 regatta-place-wedding_0023 regatta-place-wedding_0027  regatta-place-wedding_0033regatta-place-wedding_0032 regatta-place-wedding_0035 regatta-place-wedding_0036 regatta-place-wedding_0039 regatta-place-wedding_0038 regatta-place-wedding_0040Q- What was your inspiration behind your wedding?

A- There are a few…. 1) We’ve been to a lot of traditional weddings, and we wanted to do something a little different with a cocktail style reception to encourage more of a relaxed setting.  We really loved this because it allowed our guests to do their own thing at times, however they chose to enjoy themselves.  2) We also wanted to have a theme and make everything really cohesive.  We were already having our wedding on the water so we didn’t want to overdo it with a coastal theme, and that wasn’t really us anyway, so we decided on watercolor as it’s really tasteful and easy to utilize all the way through.  3) We both have a really close relationship with our families and grandparents, and wanted to honor them by utilizing certain things like my grandmother’s teacups for flower vases, along with kiddish cups and tallis from our grandfathers during our ceremony.

regatta-place-wedding_0041 regatta-place-wedding_0042 regatta-place-wedding_0043 regatta-place-wedding_0044 regatta-place-wedding_0045 regatta-place-wedding_0047 regatta-place-wedding_0048 regatta-place-wedding_0049 regatta-place-wedding_0050 regatta-place-wedding_0051 regatta-place-wedding_0052 regatta-place-wedding_0053 regatta-place-wedding_0054 regatta-place-wedding_0055 regatta-place-wedding_0056 regatta-place-wedding_0057 regatta-place-wedding_0058 regatta-place-wedding_0059 regatta-place-wedding_0060 regatta-place-wedding_0061 regatta-place-wedding_0062 regatta-place-wedding_0063 regatta-place-wedding_0064…Of course our rockin’ photoboohth was in on the fun! (

regatta-place-wedding_0065 regatta-place-wedding_0066 regatta-place-wedding_0067 regatta-place-wedding_0068 regatta-place-wedding_0069 regatta-place-wedding_0070 regatta-place-wedding_0071 regatta-place-wedding_0073 regatta-place-wedding_0074 regatta-place-wedding_0075 regatta-place-wedding_0076 regatta-place-wedding_0077 regatta-place-wedding_0079Q- Would you change anything if you could?

A- Absolutely nothing, it was truly the most perfect day– couldn’t have asked for anything more!regatta-place-wedding_0080regatta-place-wedding_0081regatta-place-wedding_0082regatta-place-wedding_0083regatta-place-wedding_0084regatta-place-wedding_0085regatta-place-wedding_0086regatta-place-wedding_0087regatta-place-wedding_0089regatta-place-wedding_0088regatta-place-wedding_0090regatta-place-wedding_0091regatta-place-wedding_0092regatta-place-wedding_0093regatta-place-wedding_0094Q- What advice would you offer to our future brides and grooms?

A- You don’t always have to stick to all the traditional details for your wedding (i.e. cake, assigned seating, etc.)  Don’t be afraid to do what YOU want and change things up– your guests will appreciate the uniqueness and it will make it all the more memorable! regatta-place-wedding_0095regatta-place-wedding_0097regatta-place-wedding_0098regatta-place-wedding_0100regatta-place-wedding_0102regatta-place-wedding_0103regatta-place-wedding_0104regatta-place-wedding_0105regatta-place-wedding_0106Q- If you could pick one moment from your entire day to be your favorite, what would it be?

A- It’s too hard to pick just one, there are so many! Looking out the window from inside the bridal suite and watching everyone arrive, walking down the aisle to see David under our beautiful chuppah.  Oh and of course when some of our groomsmen jumped off the dock into the water!


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