Meg + Chris | The Bohlin at the Newport Yachting Center

I loved working with Meg and Chris earlier this month at their gorgeous sea-side celebration at The Bohlin in downtown Newport. Their smile was infectious and the pure joy was simply beautiful. Before the reception out on the docks, the couple had a lovely ceremony at St . Joesph’s before we headed over to the Marble House for portraits. It was the perfect combination of the right settings, the prettiest details, and the fabulous personalities of Meg and Chris and their guests! What a great day!

Q-  What was your inspiration behind your wedding? A- We wanted to create a weekend getaway for our guests and Newport, RI was the perfect destination. Our theme of the weekend could be defined as a casual yet classy, with our reception at the Yachting Center and a traditional Catholic Mass at the beautiful Church of Saint Joseph.the-bohlin-newport_0001 the-bohlin-newport_0002 the-bohlin-newport_0003 the-bohlin-newport_0004 the-bohlin-newport_0005 the-bohlin-newport_0006 the-bohlin-newport_0007 the-bohlin-newport_0008 the-bohlin-newport_0009 the-bohlin-newport_0010 the-bohlin-newport_0011 the-bohlin-newport_0012 the-bohlin-newport_0013 the-bohlin-newport_0014 the-bohlin-newport_0015 the-bohlin-newport_0016 the-bohlin-newport_0017 the-bohlin-newport_0018 the-bohlin-newport_0019 the-bohlin-newport_0020Q- If you could pick one moment from your entire day to be your favorite, what would it be?  A- So hard to choose, the whole day was full of special moments! If we had to pick one, it would be during the homily when our celebrant, Father Biagi, shared what Chris and I had each individually written to him regarding what we love about each other and what our marriage means to each of us. the-bohlin-newport_0021 the-bohlin-newport_0022 the-bohlin-newport_0023 the-bohlin-newport_0024 the-bohlin-newport_0025 the-bohlin-newport_0026 the-bohlin-newport_0027 the-bohlin-newport_0031 the-bohlin-newport_0032 the-bohlin-newport_0033 the-bohlin-newport_0034 the-bohlin-newport_0035 the-bohlin-newport_0036 the-bohlin-newport_0037 the-bohlin-newport_0038 the-bohlin-newport_0039 the-bohlin-newport_0040 the-bohlin-newport_0041 the-bohlin-newport_0042 the-bohlin-newport_0043 the-bohlin-newport_0044 the-bohlin-newport_0046 the-bohlin-newport_0047 the-bohlin-newport_0049 the-bohlin-newport_0050 the-bohlin-newport_0051 the-bohlin-newport_0052 the-bohlin-newport_0053 the-bohlin-newport_0054 the-bohlin-newport_0055 the-bohlin-newport_0056 the-bohlin-newport_0057 the-bohlin-newport_0058 the-bohlin-newport_0059 the-bohlin-newport_0060 the-bohlin-newport_0062 the-bohlin-newport_0063 the-bohlin-newport_0064 the-bohlin-newport_0065 the-bohlin-newport_0066 the-bohlin-newport_0067 the-bohlin-newport_0068 the-bohlin-newport_0069 the-bohlin-newport_0071 the-bohlin-newport_0072 the-bohlin-newport_0073 the-bohlin-newport_0074 the-bohlin-newport_0075Q-  What detail did you love or treasure the most about your wedding?A- Music! The trumpet entrance at our mass, acoustic guitarist at cocktail hour, Irish music midway through the reception and the amazing sounds of Splash! did not disappoint. the-bohlin-newport_0076 the-bohlin-newport_0077 the-bohlin-newport_0078 the-bohlin-newport_0079 the-bohlin-newport_0080 the-bohlin-newport_0081 the-bohlin-newport_0082 the-bohlin-newport_0083 the-bohlin-newport_0084 the-bohlin-newport_0085 the-bohlin-newport_0086 the-bohlin-newport_0087 the-bohlin-newport_0088 the-bohlin-newport_0089 the-bohlin-newport_0090 the-bohlin-newport_0091 the-bohlin-newport_0092 the-bohlin-newport_0093 the-bohlin-newport_0094 the-bohlin-newport_0095 the-bohlin-newport_0096 the-bohlin-newport_0097 the-bohlin-newport_0098 the-bohlin-newport_0099 the-bohlin-newport_0100 the-bohlin-newport_0101 the-bohlin-newport_0102 …. That moment when your dad serenades you on your wedding day. Just beautiful!  the-bohlin-newport_0103 the-bohlin-newport_0104 the-bohlin-newport_0105 the-bohlin-newport_0106 the-bohlin-newport_0107 the-bohlin-newport_0108 the-bohlin-newport_0109Q-  Would you change anything if you could? A- We can’t think of anything we would change! The whole weekend was exactly what we hoped for … and more!the-bohlin-newport_0110 the-bohlin-newport_0111 the-bohlin-newport_0112 the-bohlin-newport_0113 the-bohlin-newport_0114 the-bohlin-newport_0115 the-bohlin-newport_0116 the-bohlin-newport_0117 the-bohlin-newport_0118 the-bohlin-newport_0119 the-bohlin-newport_0120 the-bohlin-newport_0121 the-bohlin-newport_0122Q- What advice would you offer to our future brides and grooms? A- 1. If you can, hire a day of planner to manage anything that may come up the week or day of. Having Heather Dawn Events on call gave us peace of mind and allowed us to really enjoy the day. 2. Use the wedding planning process as a bonding experience with your soon to be husband or wife. It is stressful at times but looking back we had a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughs!


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