Lauren + Rich Married | Belle Mer, Newport RI

There are those couples whose story you feel so honored to be apart of… you can see it when they look at each other, in the way they throw their hands up as they walk down the aisle together as man and wife as though they just won the superbowl. When they share a hanky the entire ceremony because they can’t hold back their emotion as they realize the intensity of their life-long commitment to each other. In the way they dance with each other the entire night. Lauren and Rich are that couple and we had so much fun capturing this most special occasion for them at the Belle Mer!

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Q- What was your inspiration behind your wedding?

Rich: For me, the inspiration/motivation was to gather all of our friends and family and be able to celebrate together.  I was hoping we could include the ocean/water in to the location b/c of my fond memories growing up on the Connecticut shoreline and how much I miss the ocean living in Colorado. Lauren: The color palette and bridesmaids dresses were two of the first decisions that were made.  We wanted a tailored, classy, elegant wedding but didn’t want it to feel too formal.  I knew I wanted sequin gold or rose gold dresses for the girls and also wanted navy and blush to be the other colors so once this was decided it made planning other components rather easy.

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Q- If you could pick one moment from your entire day to be your favorite, what would it be?

Rich: Every minute of the day!  But if I HAD to pick one, it would be standing at the end of the aisle when I first saw Lauren in her wedding dress.  Lauren:  This is tough because there was not one moment better than the next, but the most vivid memory I have is walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Rich.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him because I was so excited to see him.

belle-mer-wedding_0037 belle-mer-wedding_0038 belle-mer-wedding_0039 belle-mer-wedding_0040 belle-mer-wedding_0041 belle-mer-wedding_0042 belle-mer-wedding_0043 belle-mer-wedding_0044 belle-mer-wedding_0045 belle-mer-wedding_0046 belle-mer-wedding_0047 belle-mer-wedding_0048 belle-mer-wedding_0049 belle-mer-wedding_0050 belle-mer-wedding_0051 belle-mer-wedding_0052 belle-mer-wedding_0053 belle-mer-wedding_0054 belle-mer-wedding_0055 belle-mer-wedding_0057 belle-mer-wedding_0058 belle-mer-wedding_0059 belle-mer-wedding_0060 belle-mer-wedding_0061 belle-mer-wedding_0062 belle-mer-wedding_0063 belle-mer-wedding_0064 belle-mer-wedding_0065 belle-mer-wedding_0067 belle-mer-wedding_0068 belle-mer-wedding_0069 belle-mer-wedding_0070 belle-mer-wedding_0071 belle-mer-wedding_0072 belle-mer-wedding_0073 belle-mer-wedding_0074belle-mer_0009Q- What detail did you love or treasure the most about your wedding?

Rich: I loved the setting, how the colors we chose complimented the environment (especially the sunset!), and how the decorations were elegant and timeless.  Being on the water was so special as well.  But more than anything, I treasured being in that space, at that time, celebrating our love with everyone who means the most to us!   Lauren: While our wedding was very traditional we wanted to incorporate little things that were meaningful or special to both Rich and I- like Rich wearing one Union Jack sock and one American Flag sock or me having my great aunts earrings and my grandmothers hankey and rosary beads, and tying in our love for skiing and Colorado.  But I think we can agree the most treasured moment was having a room for of people who we love more than anything!

belle-mer-wedding_0081 belle-mer-wedding_0077 belle-mer-wedding_0078 belle-mer-wedding_0079 belle-mer-wedding_0083 belle-mer-wedding_0086 belle-mer-wedding_0089 belle-mer-wedding_0084belle-mer-wedding_0090 belle-mer-wedding_0091 belle-mer-wedding_0092 belle-mer-wedding_0093 belle-mer-wedding_0094 belle-mer-wedding_0095 belle-mer-wedding_0096 belle-mer-wedding_0097 belle-mer-wedding_0098 belle-mer-wedding_0099 belle-mer-wedding_0100 belle-mer-wedding_0101Q- Would you change anything if you could?

Rich: Only that we wish we could do it again/slow the night down/hit pause in the middle!  It went by way to fast! Lauren: As Rich said, slow it down.  The day and night were absolutely perfect but I wish we had more time, especially dancing with the band.

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Q- What advice would you offer to our future brides and grooms?

Rich: Do everything together, be involved in as much as you can together.  Make decisions together, but try not and worry about the little things you can’t control.  Focus on yourselves, be understanding of each other’s wants for your day, and compromise together.  Take mental pictures during your day, and try and remember the little things.  Hold hands the entire night.  And get a kick ass band!   Lauren: Take time just the two of you!  We wanted to see the space before it was opened up to everyone for dinner and it was so nice to see all of the months of work and decisions made come together.  It really was the only part of the night when it was just Rich and I.  I would also say it’s okay to focus on just the two of you- do want you want and what is important to the two of you.  Everyone will completely understand!

Awesome Vendor Team:
Venue: Belle Mer: A Longwood Venue
Florals- Toni Chandler – Flowers & Events
Rockin Musical Talent- Sweet Tooth and the Sugarbabies
Beauty- Katelyn Webb Beauty


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